Pastor Shawn's Weekly UPDATE


Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them.

Are you not much more valuable than they?— Matthew 6:26

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MARCH 26, 2020
UPDATE | From Pastor Shawn

Dear Calvary Family,

Have you begun to think about what life looks like a year from now? You know, after the current medical crisis and economic calamity we are currently facing.

Some question if the threat of COVID-19 will even be over by then. Others don't see the economy recovering completely by that time.

I have struggled to understand if culture and society will be much like they were before, if things will be radically different, or if we will land somewhere between those extremes.

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Nobody was meant to go it alone. We are here to help one another learn to trust in our faithful God.

One of the things I have been praying for my family, the Calvary Community Church family, and for myself is that we would have grown in our trust of God one year from today.

Lyrics from the old hymn "'Tis so Sweet to Trust in Jesus" say, "I'm so glad I learned to trust Him. Precious Jesus. Savior, Friend." May all of us lean more on Jesus. May we grow in our ability to trust in Him - to rest in Him. 

One way to build your faith in God is to grow in your own prayer life.

Seize the opportunity to pray more and pray more intentionally.

Let us join together in making our prayers and requests known to our God with proactive gratitude to Him for what He will do.

To do this collectively, we've started our 10-week 24/7 Prayer Initiative

SIGN UP to join Calvary's 24/7 prayer initiative, running from March 23 through May 31.

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Are you one of 16 prayer warriors called to act?
URGENT | We need a hero right now!

Many of you have already filled in to pray during the 168 hours in a week . We still have several slots available—in fact, 16 hours still do not have at least one person signed up to pray.

Once we fill these final hours, our Calvary family will be praying 24 hours a day for seven days a week for a total of ten weeks.

Let us join together in making our prayers and requests known to our God with proactive gratitude to Him for what He will do.

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Hold Out Till The Last Light

As we turn the burdens of life over to our God, our hearts will tune to His heart.

We will then recognize the NEEDS around us and find ways to SERVE our neighbors and show Christ's LOVE through our social media interactions.

God is already moving. So many of you have said you are ready to serve beyond your street and your sphere of influence. 

Our Calvary team is gathering the names of those who are willing to be mobilized to meet practical needs in our church family and local community in this season of suffering.

We will post needs to this group of willing volunteers, and you can choose a need you can help meet.

Right now, we have more people ready to help than we do people asking us for help. But we expect that to dramatically change in the days, weeks, and months ahead. That is why we are now preparing to mobilize together to meet the current challenges and those yet ahead.

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thursdays: young adults take center stage

Broadcast from Worship Center Online from 8pm
Zoom your friends for a group watch and midweek boost of encouragement through music and the teaching of Calvary's Teaching Pastor, Brian Howard.

This Weekend
Let's Worship Together—ONLINE

JOIN US when Michelle Tumes, Scott Oatley, and a small worship band leads us in songs of praise and comfort from the Calvary Worship Center.

My message from 1 Kings 19:1-18 will be titled, "How to be Isolated without Being Lonely." We will look at how God Himself directly addressed the isolated loneliness of the Prophet Elijah and will glean practical lessons for our lives today.

All four of our services this week will be broadcast live via our Calvary website live stream and via our Calvary Facebook live stream [] Invite family, friends, or neighbors to join you by watching online too.

You can also share the recorded service video anytime next week.

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this weekend: worship online

Livestream from Worship Center
Saturday night 6pm | Sunday morning 9am or 11am
We're Here For You
Countless people — families — are hurting financially, we ask you to pray for them—that God will supply all their need as your gifts empower us to act.

The Calvary family is known for generosity–especially in a time of need. And it does seem like our community has been tested, doesn't it? These past years of trial, your support made it possible to reach the hurting with the love of Jesus.

WE CAN'T STOP NOW. But—our own funds are quickly depleting.

Because of your generosity, we've been able to serve the community — living and loving like Jesus in a powerful, effective way, even now.

  • Online Care Counseling Our Care Team is dedicated to serving you in yur tie of need, with counselors specially trained to help guide you toward next steps.
  • Pastoral-Elder Prayer Calvary's elders and pastors take your specific needs and requests to the throne of God. Click to learn more if you have a prayer need.
  • Preparing for Recovery Staff have cut their hours, many in our body serve as caregivers and first responders. We are stretched to our limit but continue to plan for what's ahead.


Give generously, give as you can—every gift matters.

Now is the time to band our resources together, so Calvary can serve our own church family and our local community free of distracting or debilitating financial challenges.
You've been faithful, God knows. Yet right now, some who have been faithful givers to Calvary for years are not able to give at the level they have been.

We know that as God answers our prayers regarding all our household finances, they will lean in again—and others are being called to step out.

Maybe your funds have not been affected as much as others. Maybe you can give more; maybe you are starting now. THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A TIME LIKE THE PRESENT TO RESPOND DECISIVELY.

To thank you for your gift today

We invite you to request a free downloadable copy of "How To Love A Friend Who's Grieving." This is an online edition of Dr. Goode Shepherd's classic handbook that helps you know what to say and do when a loved one is suffering loss.

It's yours for a gift of any amount--as our way of showing our gratitude. Request it when you give online today.

Soon this crisis will pass, and we'll gather together again.

As we pray and as we serve others, we will look back a year from now and say, "I'm so glad I learned to trust Him. Precious Jesus. Savior, Friend."

May God bless you as you seek to live and love like Jesus in a time when so many need the hope and love He offers them.

Calvary Community Church