No one puts new wine into old wineskins. If he does, the wine will burst the skins—and the wine is destroyed, and so are the skins.

But new wine is for fresh wineskins.

MARK 2:22

In a time of isolaton, mistrust and uncertainty, what is the message people need to hear?

This global pandemic is not just a medical challenge—it’s an economic and social one. People have been asked to stay home and avoid public gatherings. And for the first time in decades, our busy 21st century lifestyles have been put on hold.

And what are people doing?
Looking for answers. Connection. Meaning.

According to a recent study by Barna, they're tuning in to God's Word. Today's digital savvy, Facebook-friendly audiences are consuming content in new ways. Unlike radio listeners, they're used to tight bursts of content delivered in unexpected ways.

Like a thousand points of light, YOU can reach more listeners now—by getting targeted messaged to specific segments of the population who are SEEKING ANSWERS RIGHT NOW.

What content are they looking for? Take a look at the following topics that are trending on Google... and the questions people are asking:

- Beirut... How can a loving God allow such tragedies to happen?

- Hurricane watch... Is this divine judgment? The end times?

- COVID-19... How do we know what's true and what's not?

- The stock market... How do I know God's will?

- Favorite sports teams... Is it right or wrong to kneel?

- Celebrities... Would you vote for Kanye West for president?

- Civil Liberties... How far do we go to protect them?

Chances are you can think of a few past messages that would speak into any of these topics. Those are a thousand points of connection that can spark meaningful conversations. A thousand ways you can attract potential listeners.


When people can't come to church, it's time for the church to come to the people.

We're being called in this unprecedented time to move out and reach more people with the message of hope they need, right where they are.

Because church
is not a place.
It's a people.

And you can reach more people online, today.

[Build Connection in this section]
Church as we know it is being changed forever.
But change has never stopped God's church from moving forward.

All around the world, people are experiencing a rebirth in worship. And it's happening on-demand, and online.

This digital transformation taking place has been predicted for decades, the virus just expedited things.

Long after the pandemic is over, the digital transformation that you implement today will continue to help God’s people experience great Bible teaching, find community, and reach a hurting world. 

Church has been changed forever—but this is not a reason for despair. It's cause for HOPE.


You Can Be There to Spark Conversations That Matter

Mobilize your church with a NEW WAY to spread your message of hope weekly—ONLINE

You have great messages—but few hear them, because you’re limited to the people who sit in your pews, and stumble across your website online.

Still, the message of hope you bring could help so many more people, if only they could find it right when they need it. Where are they?

Today's audiences are voraciously consuming content 24/7. They're mindlessly browsing social media. They're gaming. They're binging Netflix. They're surfing the web and bombarded with noise.

WE'LL SHOW YOU HOW TO CAPTURE THOSE LISTENERS by making your church a DISTRIBUTION hub for God’s Word.

hero cta
Hero CTA

Here's Pastor Ron's Story... and how an unexpected encounter ONLINE led to an extraordinary event!

[Here is where you insert a video of someone who was wrestling his demons, who was scrolling through Facebook when something you/a church member posted caught his eye]

This Can Be YOUR Church's Legacy
How do shepherds seek today?

Alex is just one of the thousands of people who are out there waiting for your message. The Word of God, at just the right time. The one thing he needed was someone to be there for him, reaching out, when he was ready—just as Pastor Ron was. Just as Apex Church had been mobilized... through us.

Can you imagine leading a church that trained, ready, equipped and mobilized to be there, right at that critical moment?

With the right digital strategy, this can be YOU.

Make a decision to BE that church.

If you're like most churches rocked by this global crisis, you've made some difficult choices and hard cutbacks. You've had to let go of good people and the ones who are left are overstretched and overtasked.

Reconstructing your church requires that you do more with less. And that's where we can help—it’s what digital does best.

IMAGINE if you had an experienced staffer who had a track record for making things happen in a short period of time, who was an expert in all things digital, who knew the best, most effective and least costly way to stretch your fundraising dollars and generate a continuous stream of revenue to support your many ministries.

How much would you expect to pay for that kind of expertise? A full-time staffer with benefits and up-to-date digital skills would cost you a minimum of $70K annually, plus benefits and overhead.

But what if you were able to accomplish that much and more… without hiring new staff? What if you could get your podcast ministry up and running, reaching new listeners and bringing in new donations within 3 months? And what if you could do it all with your existing staff, a college intern, or even a volunteer?

Here's how we can help you make that happen... at a fraction of the cost.

[This video will talk about our experience working with top Christian broadcast ministries in the nation, as well as our experience providing best-ever results through digital marketing. We turn these skills into digital gold for you and your church.]


You Set the Appointment, We Match You With Your Personal Coach

We're on a mission to how small-to-mid sized churches across the country how to launch successful podcast-based, campaigns to generate ongoing revenue streams to advance your mission, and increase your reach!

Once you appoint your in-house Coach, we'll assign a coach to set-up a series of 8 scheduled sessions. Each session will walk them through how to build and launch our integrated system that will get your best content to audiences that are hungry for it… whether local or nationwide.

Maybe you've tried podcasting before and it just didn't click. Or maybe it was too expensive. Or maybe you're not sure if you're ready for a big commitment.

We get it.

That's why we're offering you a free onboarding session so you can test it for yourself. There's no cost or obligation, and there's nothing to lose by trying.

Are you game?

Church-Building | 2020 Edition

  • cc9557d6-9988-11e7-a70a-0242ac110002-Portrait_35.jpg
    How We Can Advance the Great Commission in a Digital, Post-Pandemic World
    COREY GRANT | MDiv, Former Pastor of St. John’s Lutheran Church

    Having pastored his own flock for 5 years, Corey also has a stellar track record of agency-level fundraising expertise working for the top names in Christian broadcasting today. This topic is one that is near and dear to his heart, as a shepherd called into the heart of his community to seek and find those who are searching for meaningful answers to the hard questions of our new post-pandemic life.

  • How to Jump-Start A Revenue-Generating Income Streams with a Podcast Ministry RUSS SHUMAKER | BA Greek/Hebrew, MA Theology, MBA, Heartland Fellow

    Russ has served at several churches, ranging from a small country Bible church, to an 8,000 member megachurch, then joined an agency that helped scale and fundraise for broadcast ministries, before launching Luminaite with his cofounders. His experience also includes leading marketing for a $250 million business unit at a global humanitarian organization.

  • 1842ca9c-9989-11e7-9aad-0242ac110002-Portrait_36.jpg
    How to Edit & Stretch Your Content on Multiple Platforms with a Minimal Budget
    ELAINE YAMASAKI | Certified Growth Driven Design, Cornell University Executive 360 Integrated Marketing Certification

    After an illusrious career in corporate marketing, video production, graphics and editorial publishing, Elaine's passion for innovation and leadership set her to launch a nonprofit ministry now entering its 11th year. An experienced church planter, multi-ministry launcher and Precepts instructor, she served in a boutique media agency helping international clients raise up to $1.8 billion in fundraising support through their broadcast radio ministries.

friday night sessions

Every last Friday of the month, join our virtual campfire ONLINE! Meet digital ministry colleagues from churches around the country for mutual support and encouragement

You're at the forefront of a new movement: Creating a Digital-First Church. Let's learn from one another and advance the frontline together.
Three levels of coaching
We'll meet you where you're at with friendly, affordable services.

Best-of-class strategy and execution doesn't have to cost you more than nonprofit budgets afford. We have a plan and program to fit every pricepoint—and the expertise to make it work.


MASTER PRESENTATION | Get the equivalent of a year's worth of certified training and answer every question you'll ever have about how to reach more people online! JOHN GARDNER is a highly regarded pioneer—a true giant in the industry who knows how to make digital work for your ministry. Plus, you'll get his enormous 700-topic playbook, deeply discounted for a limited time here.
John is not just a worldwide renowned speaker and coach, he's a brother in Christ who just learned his mother will be undergoing cancer treatment. For just $60 a month (1 year commitment), he'll give you access to his proprietary proven methods and your support will go toward supporting his family in this hour of need.
Here's what happens when you take that first step and make one phone call

I love Luminaite. My first online session was delightful and the overall experience was impressive. I highly recommend giving them a try.

Lola Gibbs
Bible Fellowship of the Conejo

Luminaite's method was the missing piece to my puzzle. It was a real lifesaver when I needed it most!

Chris Webber
Pastor, Agape Church of Oxnard
Lead your church into the digital future.
Your call to preach the Gospel has immense value and purpose. Together, we'll find the listeners who are thirsty for the message you bring. Don't delay any longer—let's get the Word out today!And remember, THE CENTER FOR MISSION EFFECTIVENESS is here for you, to help launch your church into an exciting future. Call or text us today: 323-814-2288.

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